“What are those corporate librarians up to?”

Article: What are those corporate librarians up to?
By: Michael Stephans

Discussion: I think this is an awesome blog post as it really highlights the wide-range of corporate library settings out there. This post highlights the online social tools the librarians of Boeing make use of from different countries around the world. Boeing is the leading aerospace company that designs and manufactures commercial jetliners, military aircrafts, rotorcraft, missiles, satellites, etc. Staff blogs and wikis were cited as communication technologies the librarians of Boeing use daily.

Online social tools in all library settings are important; however, in settings that span the globe, this importance is amplified. Online social tools permit a quick, easy and reliable method of communication among staff members. I find the FIMS intranet helpful for finding information about the MLIS program and I go into campus 5 days a week. I can’t imagine how useful a staff wiki would be to a group of librarians who rarely see each other. I believe staff wikis and intranets contribute to the success of the company – communication is huge. I would love to help create or maintain something like this in the future!

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